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Eugenius! at the The Other Palace

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Eugenius! Is back - and it’s even better! Yes, at the beginning of the year, the show had a buzz-filled, triumphant six week run at The Other Palace in Victoria. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Why not check out what audiences themselves actually said? Just search #goeugenius on Twitter and scroll your way down through the Eugenius! Joy. (We love, ‘If you could bottle the elation at the end of Eugenius! you’d make a fortune!’ amongst a ton of other terrific tweets.)

Well, anyway, we’ve listened to the clamour (‘Eugenius! has this infectious joy about it which completely sweeps you up’, there’s another), and we’ve been busy tweaking, tickling and tightening the show even more. Eugenius! Is a teen-geek love story set against a backdrop of comic books and superheroes? It has a totally original score - Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins' homage to all the great sounds of the ‘80s – and a pulsating plot that’ll make you laugh, cry, and punch the air shouting ‘Go Eugenius!’ It’s a show where geeks rule, dreams do come true, and everyone finds the superhero inside themselves – you’ve just got to know where to look.

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